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Cosana was founded in Kobe, Japan in 2006 with the aim of developing and manufacturing high-quality and readily bioavailable health products. In 2008 Cosana started the distribution of Manuka Honey products in Japan. Today Cosana is the most well-known brand for these products in Japan as Cosana has continuously invested in research and studies for these products.

In order to ensure the supply of products and ingredients sourced from New Zealand, Cosana New Zealand was established in Hamilton in July 2019. Furthermore, in October 2019 Cosana Europe was founded in Munich in order to be able to offer our high-quality products also in the very health-conscious countries such as Germany and other European countries.

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For the highest quality health products and bioactive ingredients from New Zealand, our scientists have developed optimal delivery forms that have been proven by studies to promote human health and longevity. To ensure this, Cosana has more than 10 employees in research. Furthermore, Cosana attaches great importance to quality. To view the certificates, please click here.

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