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Our certified MGO-Manuka-Honey


Our Certified MGO Manuka Honey

Quality standards

The manuka honey industry continues to grow yearly, expanding to the far reaches of the globe. With this rise in popularity, not only does it increase the number of sellers, but also the likelihood of the industry quality standards not being upheld. For this reason, the more familiar customers are with a product, the more likely they are able to discern differences in quality and identify products not up to standard. With regards to Manuka Honey, customers have had years to understand the quality markers that identify and certify Manuka Honey quality and origin.

Certified Manuka Honey

The manuka honey industry is ruled by two quality indicators: MGO, and UMF. MGO stands for the amount of Methylglyoxal (milligrams) in the Honey (per KG). UMF stands for the Unique Manuka Factor, this is more of a semi-quantitative scale compared to MGO’s exact quantitative one.

These two markings are the first recognizable trait for customers to understand if a Manuka Honey is the real thing. It provides the customer with the information of the grade of honey and the knowledge that this honey was tested for the precious antibacterial effect that makes it so sought after.

Beyond that the customer has to believe that the figure on the label is truthful. Part of the reason why the MGO and UMF labels appear with a plus behind the figure; 400+, 10+, is because this is to indicate that this certain honey pot has at least 400 mg/1kg of honey inside, but it can also be above this value.

Cosana’s Quality Assurance

Our motivation behind this blog was to set ourselves apart and insure our current and future clients of our dedication to the quality of our honey and our certified results.

To make this information easily accessible we will present our lab results in this blog of each current batch in circulation today.

The lab that tested our current batches (enter batches) was AgriTesting Laboratories, a IANZ accredited New Zealand Laboratory.

Certified MGO 100+ Manuka Honey

The results of the MGO content for the MGO100+ Manuka Honey batch (KHL12005.01) was 181mg/kg. Giving this batch of MGO 100+ an actual MGO rating of 181.

See full test results below:

Certified MGO400+ Manuka Honey

The results of the MGO content for the MGO 400+ Manuka Honey batch (KHL12005.02) was 581mg/kg. Giving this batch of MGO 400+ an actual MGO rating of 581.

See full test results below:

Certified MGO 550+ Manuka Honey

The results of the MGO content for the MGO 550+ Manuka Honey batch (KHL12005.00) was 686mg/kg. Giving this batch of MGO 550+ an actual MGO rating of 686.

See full test results below:

A bright future for real Manuka Honey

As the interest in and demand for Manuka Honey continues to grow, we as a company must do our best to uphold our quality standards. Customers and fans of Manuka honey and related products must also do their part in only purchasing certified Manuka Honey and making sure the industry is held accountable to high quality standards.

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