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Which MGO Grade is the right choice for me?


Which MGO Grade is the right choice for me?

What is MGO? What does MGO stand for?

The substance that makes Manuka Honey so unique, is MGO. MGO stands for Methylglyoxal. This stable, antibacterial substance is only found in Manuka Honey in significant quantities. Naturally, the MGO content in the Manuka Honey can vary quite substantially, the highest levels can be more than 1000 mg MGO per 1 kg of Manuka Honey.

MGO spontaneously arises out of Dihydroxyacetone (DHA). A substance which is found in the nectar of the Manuka plant. Biochemically, DHA is a derivative of the glycolytic cycle, a sugar degradation product. When bees bring the nectar, which contains DHA and some smaller amounts of MGO to their hive, the transformation of DHA in MGO slowly continues.

For a long time, it was not understood why Manuka Honey showed this strong antibacterial effect. It was taking until the year 2005 when a German researcher Prof. Dr. Henle of the Technical University of Dresden discovered the magic substance in Manuka Honey. Kerry Paul, who has worked closely with Cosana New Zealand for the past 2 years, worked with Professor Henle’s team to make the scientific discovery public. Kerry Paul is the pioneer of the MGO Manuka Honey Rating System, which is used by the New Zealand Manuka Honey Industry to sort honey by its antibacterial activity.

Chemical Structure of Methylgyloxal.

MGO Rating Scale

Just to gloss over the MGO rating scale, it is a precise and scientific scale that measures the amount (mg) of natural occurring of Methylglyoxal (MGO) within the honey (kg). For example, the rating MGO400+ indicates that there is a minimum of 400mg of Methylglyoxal in 1kg of Manuka Honey.

What MGO Grade is the right choice for me?

There is a lot of confusion amongst consumers of Manuka Honey with regards to the rating scales of manuka honey, and which grade of Manuka Honey is the right choice for them. Our goal is to simplify the choice of which MGO grade is the right one for you:


The daily user. With the lowest price point, Cosana’s MGO100+ Manuka Honey is the entry point for consumers interested in the product. We recommend the MGO100+ for anyone who wants to generally take some prevention against infections. You can consume the honey on a daily basis, be it on your bread, in your tea, or your coffee.

How to use: Can be ingested with food and beverage, or pure by spoon.


Our allrounder! This herculean Honey can do it all. Cosana’s MGO400+ Manuka Honey is also our bestseller. It boasts a high grade of MGO rating, enabling it to be used in the case of throat or stomach discomfort and help in the removal of bad bacteria in the throat or stomach). Furthermore, it can be applied topically to wounds. Great for immune suppressed individuals, and to prepare for the cold time of year.

How to use: Can be ingested with food and beverage, or taking a few teaspoons a day, letting it dissolve on your tongue.


The All-Star. Our Top-performer. With a MGO Rating of 550+ this is strongest honey in Cosana’s range with regards to antibacterial activity. This very potent honey should be used by those suffering from chronic issues. Great for immune suppressed individuals, and to prepare for the cold time of year.

How to use: For this high dosage honey, we recommend taking 2-3 teaspoons a day. Letting it slowly dissolve on your tongue.

Cosana’s Manuka Honey Range is designed in a way that it covers the broad spectrum of needs of its customers. If you have further questions, feel free to browse the website or contact us.





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