Phyto-Active Delivery System



For over 30 years, our scientists have been combining natural, high-quality, bioactive substances with a 100% plant-based carrier system – microcapsules in powder form. This is our “Phyto-Active” technology.

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Many high-quality bioactive substances derived from plants are not easily absorbed by the human body and therefore often show little activity. In addition, the bioactive substances in the human digestive tract are often rapidly broken down or altered. By means of the Phyto-Active technology the activity is increased many times over. At the same time the stability is improved, any unpleasant taste and smell is removed, thus ensuring the consumer a pleasant experience when taking our products.


The Phyto – Active technology offers, in addition to the specific advantages of the natural bioactive ingredients, further benefits for the consumer. As a dietary fibre it helps to absorb sugar (lowers the glycaemic index) and excess saturated fatty acids (triglycerides) and remove them from the body (reduces weight). Phyto-Active: “Helps transport useful bioactive substances to where they are needed in the body and removes harmful substances at the same time”.

Scientists have conducted decades of research and clinical trials that have led to a deep understanding of the needs of our dietary supplements that support our health and well-being. The results with Phyto-Active Technology clearly show the increase in bioavailability, stability and taste.

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Prof. Dr. Keiji Terao

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