Manuka Honey MGO 400+


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The most popular honey in our range!

This high quality Manuka honey is obtained from wild Manuka plants that grow in pristine, remote areas of New Zealand. The honey contains at least 400mg of the natural antibacterial substance methylglyoxal per 1kg of honey: MGO 400+.

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Product information “Manuka Honey MGO 400+”

Our honey is harvested, filled, and packaged exclusively in New Zealand. Each batch of our Manuka Honey MGO 400+ is tested by an independent certified laboratory in New Zealand. Besides the most important value, the MGO content, other substances are checked, which are also very important to ensure the high quality of the honey. Only if all these values meet the established criteria our honey is filled and packaged.

The MGO content is very stable and does not decrease even over longer storage. MGO, methylglyoxal is heat resistant. Therefore, you can always enjoy the honey in hot tea or warm milk.

Our honey is ‘creamed’ before bottling, making it even finer in taste and easier to spread.

Enjoy this fine honey pure! A true experience!

Additional Information

Manufactured for: Cosana New Zealand Limited

Directions for use:

Please store the honey below 25°C. The honey can be consumed in hot drinks as methylglyoxal is heat resistant.

Consumption of the honey is not suitable for infants under 12 months.

Nutritional information per 100g:

Calorific value: 1400 kJ / 334.6 kcal

fat < 0.1g

– saturated fatty acids < 0,1g

Carbohydrates 82,1g

thereof sugar 82,1g

Protein 0,3g

Salt < 0,1g


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