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Our Certified MGO Manuka Honey

  • MGO 100+
  • MGO 400+
  • MGO 550+
  • Manuka Honey 100+ 500g

    Manuka Honey MGO 100+

    • What does MGO mean?

      MGO100+ bedeutet, dass mindestens 100mg von der natürlichen antibakteriellen Substanz Methylglyoxal pro 1kg Honig enthalten sind.


    Contents: 500 grams

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  • Manuka Honey MGO400+ 500g

    Manuka Honey MGO 400+

    • What does that mean?

      MGO400 + means that at least 400 mg of the natural antibacterial substance methylglyoxal are contained per 1 kg of honey.


    Contents: 500 grams

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  • Manuka Honey MGO550+ 250g

    Manuka Honey MGO 550+

    • What does MGO mean?

      MG0550 + means that at least 550 mg of the natural antibacterial substance methylglyoxal are contained per 1 kg of honey.


    Contents: 250 grams

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What We Stand For

Cosana has combined the highest quality natural ingredients from New Zealand with the scientific expertise of Japanese and German scientists to provide consumers around the world with natural health solutions that help them live longer and better lives.

Happy Bees

Our honey is made by bees living freely in the pristine and remote areas of New Zealand.

Certified MGO Manuka Honey

Our honey is tested in certified labs to prove its Methylglyoxal (MGO) content.

Science based approach

Our international team has more than 30 years of scientific experience focusing on researching and extracting the benefits of plant based products.

Cosana - Healthy Together

The Cosana company focuses on high-quality natural health products and was founded by Japanese and German scientists with the aim of developing and manufacturing scientifically proven, bioactive products that promote human health and longevity.

Until now the company has offices in Japan, New Zealand and Europe. Cosana sources its high-quality ingredients from New Zealand and develops optimal dosage forms so that the products are also more effective when used.

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What Makes Us Different

New Zealand is the “environmental paradise” of this planet, where eighty percent of the flora is unique. The plants have developed defense systems for survival in isolation. The defense mechanisms of plants are mainly based on the production of bioactive substances to protect against diseases.

Cosana’s scientists study these ingredients and have conducted many studies to find optimal properties for human health and wellbeing. This has led to the development of Phyto-Active technology, which significantly improves bioavailability, stability and taste sensation.

Our Brand

Our Phyto-Active Technology

Many of the bioactive ingredients extracted from New Zealand plants are not easily absorbed by the human body and therefore show little activity. In addition, the bioactive substances in the human digestive tract are often rapidly broken down or altered. For this reason, Cosana has developed a plant-based technology that protects bioactivity by encapsulating the bioactives on a molecular level. This technology enables plant-based bioactive substances to be transported through the digestive tract and released in the body where they are needed.

The plant (phyto) based technology enables the substances to become active in the body: “Phyto-Active”.

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